Apple In Another Battle With Samsung This Time

Considering the amount of legal slapfests that Apple has going on currently with every other major competitor in each of the markets they are in, Samsung is not escaping their sights and has also been sued with claims that their Galaxy line of handsets and tablets are rip-offs of the iPhone and iPad. Of note is the fact that Samsung is a major supplier of chips to Apple for iPad.

The range of the allegations branch out to ten patent infringements, two trademark violations, and two trade dress violations not to mention unjust enrichment and unfair business practices all contained in the suit by Apple. A whole range of other lines are also included in their suit, however they draw the attention mostly to the Galaxy devices, as Apple says that Samsung has copied the iPad and iPhone onto them. This covers mostly everything of the design of the gadget itself, to the appearance of onscreen icons, even down to the packaging of the product. Some have speculated as early as the first Galaxy Tab launch that its striking similarity to the iPad would stir Apple’s wrath. And that has now come to pass.

The company wants an injunction to put a stop against the alleged intellectual property right violations and the profits that Samsung has made off the copycat products, and has called for a jury trial when it filed the suit in the North District of California on April 15. The case is currently being relocated to Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler in Oakland, California. It will be years before this ever gets to be heard as a case unless there is a settlement prior to that time.

Samsung is a component supplier of Apple that includes specialized memory chips and LCD screens. However Apple has stated that this does not stop them from going ahead with the lawsuit, and that being a supplier does not give the South Korean company any leverage to copy their devices. The company also has an ongoing suit with HTC, another Android user, against Microsoft and Amazon, and is suing and being sued by Nokia. Samsung is also known to be one of the world’s largest handset makers, and uses Android as it primary OS. Samsung has responded that they will take an active stance against the legal action taken against them to protect their own intellectual property rights.

Samsung has done very well with their 7 inch tablet with sales in the millions, it continues to show promise. Last month, they made an announcement about a new 8.9 inch tablet that should do well in the market. All of this is now in jeopardy with the lawsuit from Apple.

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