Finding Motivation When None Exists

Through life we all experience motivation, motivators, inspirations and a general push in a direction to do more, see more, feel more. But every now and then (some times much more) we will experience a sever lack of motivation to move in any direction other then to the couch or the fridge. I like to call this an ” I don’t give a fuck about anything day”. I am not gonna lie, I have plenty of these days. Days where there really seems to be no purpose, no end goal. These days rely 100% on me… or you… to get anything at all done!

So what do you do when motivation is at a level beginner, goals seem unimportant and TV sounds amazing right about now? Well… you can do one of two things.

1. Give in, allow yourself to do nothing, accomplish nothing and veg out all day (this is a perfectly acceptable choice and some times it is the best choice)You will always need a break at some point or another, it is only when this becomes the go to answer that one finds them selves in trouble.


2. Allow the lack of motivation to frustrate you to a point at which it becomes the motivator itself… Confused? See nothing is always something. It just depends on how you view it. No motivation can bring up many emotions, each emotion can become a motivator in itself. This really means that No motivation is actually the most powerful motivation one can ask for. Why? because it comes from the most pure place… you… and only you. Cultivating your own motivation for what you want, just for yourself, right in this moment can believe it or not turn into pivotal and life altering moments. How? By acting from a pure place of, for all intensive purposes, authentic emotional motivation, you understand what you want, just for you, right in the moment. It doesn’t get more powerful in my opinion.

So its really up to you, what is the best option for you now? Who cares if you don’t know what you want or where you want to go. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with where you are now and what you are doing in this moment. This will always be the first step! Then let the nothings of life motivate you.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted in life!

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