Free Online Gaming Sites

Whenever you have a few minutes when you are free and you want to have some fun or relax at the computer, you can choose to play a free online game. you will find thousands of them on the internet and they are made with the flash technology. So this means that they are simple games, with a simple graphic and simple controls. Most of them can be completed in just a few minutes, and then you can move one to another game…or get back to work.

They can have all sorts of topics such as: action games, shooting, adventure to sport games, racing games, adult games and many more. There are many free online gaming sites, and one of them is this one. Besides games the site also has videos, pictures, jokes and cartoons, and the games are sorted on categories. These are: board games, card games, casino games, fighting games, multiplayer games, puzzle games, racing games, shooting games and sport games.

So now let’s pick some random games from this site and discuss more about them, and we will begin with the one called iCycle. Your objective is to ride the bike and follow the trail of the frozen soap bubbles across cold and snow. Use the arrow keys to control the bike and be careful to avoid the ice spikes. The character that is riding the bike through snow and cold is naked, and he is also really big compared to the bike. The bike will also make some funny noises, so the game can be really fun to play. Watch out to not hit obstacles or crash because when your rider falls into the snow he will instantly freeze. Have fun!

Another fun game from this site is called “Ricochet kills PP”. your objective in this one is to angle your shots just at the right spot and to ricochet the bullets and kill all the men from each level. You only need to use the mouse for aiming and the click the left mouse button to shoot. The bullets won’t hurt you, so simply be careful to shoot all the other guys. The bullet will travel a lot, and will fly in all the directions and sometimes you can kill those guys even though you didn’t intend it first. Even though the bullet will travel fast, you will still be able to see its path. In some levels you can kill all the guys with a single shot, and after all it is a really fun game. Enjoy it!

So here was just an example of free online gaming site but of course there are many more others, with a lot of cool games to play. In case you know some more that are really cool and worth playing, tell us more about them. Have a nice day!

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