Free Puzzle Games To Play

There are many cool free puzzle games to play on the internet, with all sort of topics and characters. For today we’ll choose one of the puzzle games from this site , the one called Building Blaster 2. this is a fun physics based puzzle game where you have to figure out how to take each building down.

Put bombs and tools to blast the buildings and clear the red zones. Use the time in your advantage and also avoid the civilians. You can also take down your enemies to make more points. There is a wide range of destructive devices that you can use, such as C4, nitroglycerin, acid balloons, UFO-s, antimatter, wrecking balls, air strikes and others. They are all found in the shop, but of course you will have to unlock them first.

Take the structure down, but be sure that no objects are left inside the red square after the explosion. Simply use the mouse to place dynamite and set the detonation time for each one. be sure to choose the explosives wisely, because the budget is tight. When placing a dynamite on the screen you will then have 3 small buttons. The X one can be used to delete that bomb, and the two other ones are used for increasing or decreasing the explosion time. The first level is really easy, and since the red area is situated in the air, you can clear it by using just one dynamite out of the 20 you have available. In the lower side of the screen you will see the number of dynamites left, and also three colored buttons.

The first one (the green button) is used for resetting the level, the second one (the red button) is used for detonation when you are ready with the placing of dynamite, and the blue one is used to go at the menu. In the mission 3 there will be the first civilian, and now you will have to use your brain and think where to place the bombs, and which time to choose for each one. once you buy some other “weapons” from the store, simply click on the image of the dynamite to change the explosive.

The nitroglycerine will explode even more powerful, and it will throw pieces all over the place. So when using it you will have to be careful at the civilians, because pieces from the explosion can fly and kill them. Be sure which humans are simple civilians, and which are your enemies, because you can definitely kill the enemies. Not only that you will get more points, but you will also complete the level easier. Don’t forget that you have 20 dynamites or 20 nitroglycerine available (for the first levels), so you can use all of them. After all it is a really nice free puzzle game to play, that will stimulate your mind and will make you have a lot of fun. Enjoy it!

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