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The complex video games of our days involve a complex story and game play, really advanced graphics and characters, and many other things…so in order to enjoy a video game at its maximum capacity, you will definitely need to have a powerful computer and a large display screen to enjoy the video quality. You can also play video games on a laptop, but the sensation won’t be the same as on a computer. there are many good gaming desktops on the market, and for today we’ll discuss more about one of them.

It is known that the Alienware laptops and computers are the best on the market for video gaming, so for today we’ll present a model made by this company. And we are going to choose the Alienware – Desktop / Intel ® Core ™ i7 Processor / 6 GB Memory / 1 TB Hard Drive, Model: AAR 2 – 2618 CSB. Like any other product of Alienware, this is really expensive (it costs 1,600 dollars at Best Buy) but it is also really good. For example it has the best processor on the market right now, the Intel ® Core ™ i7 – 860 processor which features an 8 MB cache and 2.8 GHz processor speed with Turbo Boost up to 3.46 GHz. The RAM memory is also really good, and it comes with 6 GB DDR 2 SDRAM as default, and it can be expanded up to 16 GB.

So this is the great thing about having a desktop computer – that you can always upgrade it when necessary. But a laptop usually can’t be upgraded, so when you need more powerful features your only choice would be to buy a new laptop. the optical drive for this computer is really good too, and it is a Multiformat DVD ± RW/ CD-RW drive with double-layer support, that can record up to 8.5 GB of data on a single DVD.

In order to store a lot of large and complex video games you will definitely need a large hard drive, and this one has a capacity of 1 TB. In case you don’;t know what this means…it means 1,000 GB. So it is a really big capacity, and you can store all sorts of files, from video games to High Definition movies.

The speed for the hard drive is 7200 rpm. You will need to buy a separate display screen for this powerful computer, but the video quality won’t be good enough without a powerful graphics engine. So this computer has the ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics which features up to 1 GB discrete video memory for intense imagery. It also has integrated audio with 7.1 channel support and 8 high speed USB ports. Besides this it also has 2 IEE 1394 ports and built in ethernet LAN for easy access to the internet. And finally this gaming desktop computer comes with an installed version of the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit operating system.

In case you too own the Alienware – Desktop / Intel ® Core ™ i7 Processor / 6 GB Memory / 1 TB Hard Drive, Model: AAR 2 – 2618 CSB, we invite you to tell us all your opinions about it. Tell us if you are happy with the features it has, if you think that it worths this big price, and also tell us which video games you played so far on your gaming computer. Have a nice day!

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