Get That DIY Home Improvement Party Started With Some Help From Mr iOS!

A typical home improvement project is usually something that is undertaken at the last minute. If you are a part of a couple, one of the partners will be constantly nagging the other one in order to get the ball rolling. Most of the actual work is carried out by one half of this team, whilst the more passive partner will be keeping a beady eye on the results. Wouldn’t it be far easier if you had another team member that could reduce the stress factor just a little bit? Well now you have an answer to those prayers as those ever so kind folks over at the Apple Store have decided to step into the breach. They have many apps available that really feel your pain, if you are in need of a DIY buddy, please read this article for a few helpful suggestions.

Décor Advisor by DarkeJones – Free

This app will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and it will require iOS 4.0 in order to run correctly. Décor Advisor was designed by Harris, a very well respected DIY supplier who was founded in 1928. They have put their name on this product and we are very glad that they did! It is an awesome application that covers every aspect of painting and decorating any home. You will get expert advice on the correct type of paint or brush to use for any multitude of tasks that you have in mind. The menu is extremely user friendly and will soon have you trying all kinds of combinations. Décor Advisor also provides a very accurate budget calculator that allows you to work out exactly how much each item will cost you. There are many step-by-step guides to decorating and painting, so you will never make those costly mistakes again. The app is also connected to Harris’s online store and you can place an order for any of these products at the touch of a button!

Screwfix Toolbox by Screwfix Direct Limited – Free

Screwfix Toolbox will run on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it requires iOS 4.0 or later to run correctly. What an awesome application we have here, it contains some vital tools that would grace any real toolbox. The beauty of these is the fact that they are all very precise, they fit in your handheld device and are absolutely free! The toolbox includes a very clever project calculator that will work out exactly how much each job is going to cost you. Just input the materials and dimensions along with the basic prices and you’ll soon have an accurate amount. Also included, is a very accurate spirit level and a direct link to the Screwfix online store. The heating calculator tool will be a favourite for amateur and professional plumbers alike! You have over 400 product demonstration videos to enjoy and the database is regularly updated. Overall, we can’t recommend this application enough, but just remember to let your buddies know about it as well.

Party On!

Hopefully the addition of these 2 expert allies will stop you from dragging your feet and will ensure your DIY results will be something to make your partner keep smiling!

Today’s featured writer, William Levis, is a supplier of drapery in New York City. He is also a technology enthusiast and keeps tabs on all the latest innovations in the field of home improvement.


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