How to build Backlinks for your Website

Backlinks is used to link one website to another. These were originally used to navigate the World Wide Web prior to Google days. Nowadays, backlinks are considered votes for every site. For example, if the link of a specific website doesn’t get high rank in the different search engines unless; if there are a high quality links behind it. If your website has this, the Google will give you too much attention leading your site to be placed in higher rank in the search engine results.

Building backlinks for your website is one of the efficient aspects of Search Engine Optimization. However, knowing how to build backlinks can be complicated. But; there are different strategies and techniques which can help to do this. Most of these strategies include guest posting, article marketing, social media promotion and content marketing strategies which are typically used by several outsourced teams.

Backlinks is a crucial strategy to achieve success in Search Engine Optimization. But; the question is how to get them. Knowing how to build backlinks can be easier for you while with on-page content optimization because anything to be done and decisions to be made depends on you. It sounds like you have to rely on others work to achieve success for your site. Well, it’s true! In fact, your site is linked to other’s website. But; there are still several aspects that can be done aside from it.


The idea behind including how to build backlinks as part of the page rank formula is that, if the content page of your site is good. If people like it, they will start linking to it causing you to achieve more backlinks. But; in the SEO world, the practice doesn’t go like this. Don’t always rely on the fact that your website can get several backlinks, if people loved your page. Yes, that might be helpful especially if you can get a lot of quality backlinks coming from the site which has the same topic as yours. But; this method is not enough for success in promoting your site. So; you need to search for other ways to get quality backlinks.

There are some ways on how to build backlinks. These methods include commenting forums or building profile links in forums. This can be a possible way in achieving rate that you need for your site. Another is to get many contextual links as many as possible. This can be seen in the middle of an article surrounded by content texts. There are some directories that allow you to do this if you know the URL of the article page. Using any software products such as scrapebox, you can then put many backlinks to it. In this way, all your links will not go directly to your target page but through contextual link page.

However, it is more important that these links are found by Google. So; you need to know if the Google has found your links or not. One way of finding out if Google already found your link is to search your page into it. For example, if you submit an article in such website, they will provide the URL once it becomes published. Copy and paste the URL in the Google search and see if the page is already shown. If not, then your link has not been found and this cannot help to achieve your rankings.

In learning how to build backlinks, there are some practices that need to be avoided. One of this is link exchange, which involves bartering of links. The principle looks like this- to put links to a site and other’s put backlinks to yours. Doing this scenario needs a lot of things to be considered. Outbound links together with your inbound links might be risky. You website could even be banned from search engines. So; avoid this kind of habit.

Another is linking to suspicious places is something that must be avoided. But; there is no punishment for you. The worst thing is if someone tries to do anything that can ruin your site. Your SEO efforts might get affected. All your efforts may become useless. So; avoid that one. There are still several things that should be avoided in building backlinks. Search online for the best tips on how to build backlinks.

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