How to LIVE w/o phones

Today is a little bit of sad day. I am traveling Puerto Rico, that’s not the sad part. My friends that I am meeting there asked “how can they communicate with me.” We are meeting at the airport from all different parts of the country. The we are congregating on a shuttle bus to a ferry. They are getting married on an island.

I had to do it. Not happy about it.

First, here’s what I think. I get SO pissed when I am with my friends and they are on their phone. It can be whether they are texting, talking, emailing or looking at their news feed on Facebook. It is like they are bored with me or the group and want to check out. My thoughts… get up and leave the table! Don’t waste my time.

Another example is my mom. We were almost in an accident in a PARKING LOT while she was driving and texting. I had to lay it in on her, no apologies.

So, long story, I haven’t had a phone for two and half years. I have some amazing insights and changes in my ability to really see what is going on in the world.

In some respects… it has given me freedom to LIVE.

Another thing, I recently had a friend tell me I was an inconvenience because of not having a phone. The same friend didn’t even want to move the crap that was piled up in is front seat to give me a ride. I know he’s just a lazy dude. I was an inconvenience, again. The next time I saw my friend, he gave me a ride out of guilt from not giving me a ride the last time.

Well, having a freaking phone is an inconvenience to me.

I am so pissed at people with their phones.

One time a friend lost her phone, we spent hours looking for it. It was in the sunglasses spot in between the sun visors. Thanks, you have just wasted 3 hours of my life on that piece of crap, I thought. I didn’t say anything because I love my friend.

I have seen to many times people almost causing accidents with the bus I am riding. You know what? They are on the phone… punching numbers.

Too many people have nearly walked into me while on looking at the phone. I see them and stop walking just before they look up to avoid collision. I say a few words under my breath.

Well, having a freaking phone is an inconvenience to me.

How have I communicated people, you ask? It is through Skype, email, calling through Gmail via the computer. I even went to their house to talk. I talk to people face to face via parties, church, hanging out. Duh.

I even run a landscaping business this way. My clients don’t complain.

Then, why I should be an inconvenience to my friends?

Yes, I have gotten a phone. It’s a flip phone and the minutes are prepaid. I don’t text and I won’t even have it for 95% of the time.

Don’t expect to get the number AND don’t celebrate it.

Only a few have the number. And they know to call only when someone is dying… LITERALLY.

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