How To Make Money Blogging

Its no secret that you can make money blogging. Many of the make money online “experts” and A-listers make you think its some challenging process, but it really isn’t. There are two main approaches to making money with blogging. The first is to get paid for content you provide through freelance writing and guest posting. The second is to use internet marketing and SEO to drive traffic to your site. You can monetize you blog in some fashion to make money off your visitors. I personally enjoy the second option and that’s what I’m teaching here. I don’t like writing. I suck at it. And writing for money feels too much like a job. I’m not knocking the posting for cash method, but its not what I do or what I know, so I won’t pretend to teach you about it. I can however teach you how to drive traffic to a site and make money.

Flagship Blog

A flagship blog is a large branded blog you post on often. This can bring in lots of money, but takes a huge time investment. The failure rate for this type of blog is also very high. These are A-List blogs, Perez Hilton, Egotastic, etc. This blog is meant to be a flagship blog. I plan to build my spot in the MMO + Adult Industry niches.

This is not the best method for those who are new to blogging. Making it in a profitable niche with a flagship blog takes considerable effort and skill. I suggest working toward this form of blog.

This type of blog can be monetized in many ways. You can push Adsense, affiliates ads, or do direct ad sales. The blog can be used to leverage other deals and markets. The fame gives your views and opinions more weight. The downside is the amount of work and energy required. You’ll work for a long time without making any serious money. If you want quick cash and have no experience, don’t try this.

MFA / Adsense Blog

Well, don’t call the blog MFA because Google doesn’t like that, but Made for Adsense blogs are one way to make money. The idea with these blogs is to target very specific keywords and target your content to trigger ads for high paying keywords. Adsense is PPC, so you get money every time a visitor clicks an ad. You can make $20 to $40 or so on some niches. Adsense can pay out well for Geotargeted service based niches. By Geotargeted, I mean a location such as New York and a service would be a lawyer for example. I can tell you without looking it up that “New York DUI Lawyer” pays good money.

The benefit of Adsense niche blogs is ease of set up and promotion. Dominating long tail keywords isn’t difficult. You can easily pump out 5 to 10 posts and you’re done with the site. You promote, then sit and forget it. It will make money with little more effort from you. You just make a post every month or two and go grab a couple of links and forget it again.

The hard part of Adsese blogs is learning Adsense. Many say Adsense is the easy way to make money online, but so many people are struggling to average a dollar a day. They struggle with smart pricing. They can’t drive targeted traffic. They have horrible CTR. Adsense isn’t that hard, but you need to spend some serious time reading and practicing before you get a strong handle on it.

Spam Blogs

These are automated blogs traditionally used by blackhats. These scrap the internet for content by stealing text from Wikipedia and blog RSS feeds. They are almost completely automated. They do require setup, promotion, and maintenance. The idea with spam blogs is easy volume. If you want to pump out hundreds of crappy blogs that will flood Google with spam, this is your method. This is black hat though and Google will kill your network when they find it. This is for you lazy people who like to gamble.

Affiliate Marketing

Instead of promoting PPC ads like Adsense, you promote an affiliate product. The concept here is revenue sharing. You drive traffic to your site, promote a product, site or service. When a visitor pays for the affiliate you get a percentage cut or a flat payout per sign up. Some times these are reoccurring membership fees and sometimes they’re a one time pay out. There are several affiliate networks on the net to find affiliate products to promote. This type of blogging has a lot of similarities to an Adsense blog. Here though, you need to be more concerned about selecting a keyword that will result in a purchase. Since you’re being paid on conversions and not clicks, you have to put more effort into “pushing”/”selling” the product. A benefit of this method over Adsense, is that you have more control over what ads are showing and not smart pricing.

And finally….

The reason you’re all here. To make money with porn. There are two approaches here. Get naked and show off your body for profit (not really teaching this) and blogging with porn content to push porn ads. This is really no different than Adsense and affiliate blogs, except the content is different.

Advantages: You’re promoting one of the largest markets on the internet. Most of the content is provided for you. Many niches and long tails to target. You’re dealing with impulse buyers. You’re promoting a product that actually generates a biological response that encourages them to purchase. You get free porn. You can get tons of traffic. Large and reoccurring payouts. Traditional SEO’s and Make Money Online bloggers won’t touch it. Most porn marketers are aggressive, but ignore many mainstream methods of promotion. You get to look at naked women and get paid for it.

Disadvantages: It’s taboo and not accepted by society. People will think you’re a dirty pervert. You have to hide your identity. A lot of traditional marketing methods aren’t open to you (No blacks on blondes on the home page of Digg). You’re held within the porn vertical. You have to deal with content filters. You’re in a bad neighborhood and so are all of your link sources. Everyone in the porn industry is stuck on reciprocal linking. There are a lot of laws to keep up with. Its an visually heavy market, which makes it harder to SEO.

Porn has its challenges, but is a huge market that continues to boom on the internet. There is a lot of money to be made by those who can overcome the disadvantages. That’s what I’m here to talk about.

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