Mobile App Developers see a Change in App Development Pattern for iOS

Android has now captured almost a whopping 80% of the market share while iOS has slipped and now stands with a 13.2% of the share. Unlike a year back when people talked about the iOS and android war, now it seems the market is taken over by android by a significant margin. Android app development India companies say that the shift was inevitable since various Android with differing market strategy and target groups could not have done anything better for the mobile ecosystem of android. As per business intelligence, market share is an important aspect that can shape a lot of trends for android as well as iOS users in the coming years. While iOS users do not hesitate to pay for apps, the iTunes app store has increasingly seeing more number of free app submissions. What does it implies for future trends in mobile app development?

“Android has changed a lot of things in the market. Basically a lot of android phones in the market mean more developers and more demands for apps. This has gradually reduced the affinity of people towards buying apps and it clearly shows in the iTunes store now.” says Jayneel, managing director of Mobile App Developer India, a renowned android application development India company. Infact a lot of iOS users have shifted to android in the last couple of years due to overabundance of freemium apps in android and the flexibility associated with the android ecosystem. People simply don’t want to pay for apps and want free software. The idea paid apps has started to lose fascination among iOS users. Hence when an iPhone user is shifting to the android ecosystem, he gets a lot of reason to go ahead and become an android user. Moreover Android App Developers India say that the mid-low end android phones have played an important role in increasing the market share of android ecosystem and android app development.

Altogether the market dynamics now direct towards a situation where android app development India and iPhone App Developers will increasingly rely on making freemium apps. Apple also understands that market share is a significant indicator that could shape its revenue streams in the coming times. As of now apple occupies the majority of the profit share when it comes to app stores. But if this trend continues to grow, the compounded effect of more freemium apps in the Apple App Store and coupled with the growth of android, will leave Apple with no other option other than increasing its market share which is what is it trying to do with its cheap iPhone at the moment.

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