Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

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Ghost of Thornton Hall – Spoiler-Free Review, May 17, 2013

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This review is from: Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall – PC/Mac (DVD-ROM)

Hello! I am going to break this review down into the different parts of the game and their ratings, an overall score of the game, and a recommendation for players new to the Nancy Drew series and for veterans. Again, this review will be spoiler-free and hopefully helpful to someone looking to purchase this game.

Plotline – 10/10:
I thought the plotline was a little shaky at first, because in my head I was thinking this was going to be a repeat of Haunting of Castle Malloy (possibly mixed in with Shadow at the Water’s Edge — other Nancy Drew games). To be perfectly honest, that statement is somewhat true. However, the execution of the plot really surprised me. Nancy stays on top of the case, does not get distracted, and the plot flows quite nicely. The plotline really grabbed my attention and I thought it was GREAT!

Scare Factor – EDITED | 10/10:
This game has a lot of little random things that jump out at you. Is it the scariest Nancy Drew game? It depends on what scares you. I, personally, find this game to be right up there next to Shadow at the Water’s Edge, tying for most scary Nancy Drew game. I do not scare easily, but I actually jumped once while playing this game – so yes, it even got me. But in no way is it so-scary-I-wet-my-pants-crying scary. ;-)EDIT TO ADD: Okay, I would like to change the scare factor because, last night, when I was heading to bed, I kept thinking something was going to jump out at me….. and I am in college…. so, I take it back. This lived up to the scare factor for me

Characters – 8/10:
There are five real suspects in this game – Harper, Wade, Colton, Clara, and the ghost. (Does she count?) There were also phone friends to talk to – Addison, Ned, Bess, and Savannah. While I thought all the characters in this game were enjoyable, I felt like certain characters did not have their personality expanded as much as they could have. My favorite characters (and the most well-explained) were Wade, Harper, Ned, and Addison.

Graphics – 6/10:
Although many a people will say the graphics were great, I somewhat disagree. There were several parts in the game were characters would speak and then their body would move quite some time later. Plus a few times my game just froze. So, graphics were kind of iffy in this game.

Puzzles/Difficulty – 9/10:
To be perfectly honest, I get bored with puzzles I do not get. There were several puzzles that made me bored and I just used the spoiler/hint feature several times. But, for the most part, the puzzles were easy and the game was very simple to pick up on things.

Replay Value – 7/10:
These games are hard to give replay values, because although they have trophies you can get, ask more questions, and now skip conversations (cool new feature!), you already know the puzzles and the villain. So, to me, putting a replay value on this game is hard….. Replay value of this game can be determined for YOU by one easy question…. do you re-read books you enjoy? If the answer is yes, you will totally find this game to have replay value! If no (like me), you might be both sides of the fence.

Music – 9/10
The music really was not there. It was a soft and subtle additive, which I felt was appropriate considering what the game plot is.

Length of Game – 8/10:
I never want to see a game end!! I timed myself for playing this game and it took me 329 minutes (or about 5 and a half hours), but please note that I DID CHEAT a few times. Without using hints, this game would have taken me definitely over 7 hours, which is not bad.

Ending of Game – 9/10:
A lot of people complain about this aspect of the game, claiming that not everything was explained. To be honest, there was only one thing that I thought was not explained. Everything else made sense to me. And I thought the ending was rather good. (If you have any questions, though, just comment and I will definitely answer them!)

Overall – 9.5/10:
I want to give this game a solid 10, but I feel like it was not the longest game, there was one thing unexplained at the end of the game, and the graphics drove me a little crazy. The top two questions people are probably wondering, though, are:
1) Do you recommend the game? And;
2) Where would this game fall on your favorite Nancy Drew game list?
The answer to the first question is a 1,000% yes. The answer to the second question is that it is definitely in my top 3 games, possibly my #1!

If you are brand new to the Nancy Drew series, I would actually recommend checking out some of the earlier games. The reason being is that some games have references to the previous games. But, none the less, I do recommend this game.

Definitely a must! The game is great!!

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