NEC MultiSync PA271W – A high end monitor

NEC MultiSync PA271W is not your standard monitor for everyday use. It is made for professionals and the high price tag should make it clear. This screen is targeted at graphic designers or alike who yearn for great accuracy in color and need plethora of features. I was overwhelmed by the weight. This behemoth of a monitor weighs about 30 pounds which is seven pounds more than the Dell U2711 which belongs to a similar price range.

The extra weight makes the NEC MultiSync PA271W really sturdy. I knocked it from the sides to see if it could withstand the jerks and wasn’t surprised to see that the monitor refused to budge at all. Regular home use monitors easily topple over with even a slight push since they are quite light weight. The wide flip stand also contributes to keeping the monitor really sturdy.

The monitor is not that slick looking either, its thickness makes it a bit ugly but that is still acceptable considering all the features that it has inside. NEC MultiSync PA271W comes with all possible ergonomic options. You can swivel it on the sides, pivot it up to 90 degrees, adjust the height and finally tilt the monitor ahead or backwards. Again all these options are given to justify the high price tag and because this product is made for professionals who might need to play around with the monitor to find a sweet spot.

NEC MultiSync PA271W comes with a carrying case, if you need to shift this monitor to another place. I would heavily recommend you not to carry this product around a lot because you might end up with sore fingers courtesy of the weight.

The most impressive feature of the NEC MultiSync PA271W is the OSD array which is the deepest I have ever seen in a monitor. Again, this is done to provide lot of calibration options to professionals to find a sweet spot. For instance, the monitor has all the standard options like brightness, black level and sharpness, this panel also has bonuses like candelas per square meter read out which estimates the current brightness output. This is really advanced and I haven’t seen this in any other monitor. I wasn’t even familiar with this option and the company representatives explained me what it was all about.

NEC MultiSync PA271W also has advanced menu that gives plenty of granular control for the picture settings. Connection options on this panel include two DVI ports, a DisplayPort, S-Video port, two USB upstream and two downstream ports. Yes, I know what you are thinking about. There is indeed no HDMI port and you some of you, this might be a unforgivable thing in such a high end monitor. I too was quite disappointed and this will be certainly a deal breaker for people who cannot compromise in quality. The resolution on this monitor is 2560×1440 pixel resolution. I watched some Blu-ray movies and had nothing to complain about with regards to quality. The colors too had that pop that movie bluffs can’t live without.

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