Nokia 2680 – GoPhone : Back To Basics

Thumbs up: Good call quality, price, works well at the basics level.

Thumbs down: Unnecessary cluttering of features which can’t be used in most of the cases, delay in responsiveness at times.

Inside the trunk: Form Factor : Slide Mobile Network Bands : Dual Band GSM.

THE WHIZ-KID SPEAKS: This one is specially introduced for all those who just cant understand how their phonebill adds up to so much. AT & T has come up with its prepaid option introducing a few Nokia handsets including the Nokia 2680. Basically if your looking ahead for a phone with basic set of features just to make a few calls and probably send text messages. Anyways going ahead with the review…

Razzle-Dazzle: This one from the Korean manufacturers is a rather clunky one. A basic slider phone measuring about 3.89 inches tall by 1.89 inches wide by 0.61 inch deep and weighs 3.3 ounces, this one doesn’t have anything really fancy about it, but that doesn’t mean that this one is down right ugly. Anyways its kind of attractive not exactly eye catching with its grayish black finish with a metallic finish and rounded edges. The slider mechanism is also pretty much smooth which could add to its not so long list of attractive features.

Talking about the 1-inch TFT display that it comes along with I just wish it could ve been a bit more longer. The resolution is also quite less at 128×16 pixels which makes looking at images and graphics a not so enticing feature. But then again I ain’t surprised here because this one was just meant to be a basic phone for receiving calls plus the screen isn’t large enough for typing messages which just make the “only for calls” message more clearer. The navigation array has two soft keys along with the talk and end buttons and a four button toggle. The navigation array is pretty much roomy but then again I found the keys to be a bit rigid. Also at times there was a delay in registering the commands.

I surely miss the clear key in the navigation array. The alphanumeric keys are behind the slider and as I mentioned earlier, the slider is pretty much smooth and offers no resistance to push. I would deny the fact that the keypad buttons are a bit narrow, but that again didn’t result in many misspresses and so I don’t have much to complain about it.

The power connector and the USB port and a 2.5 mm head jack have been positioned on the right spine and the camera and self portrait are situated at the back.

Inside dope: It has space for almost 1000 phonebook entries with around 5 entries for each phonebook entry including job title,email address, birthday etc.

This one offers mobile emails, and instant messaging such as Yahoo, Hotmail etc. but then again because of its small screen using the email facility doesn’t provide you with much of a pleasant experience. It also includes a few useful organization features like the calendar, to-do-list, calculator, alarm clock etc… in spite of the small screen this one again comes with a WAP browser. I guess this was done to just make it look more than a simple phone. But trust me, this one is just a basic phone.

Coming to the multimedia features, this one offers a VGA camera along with 4 x zoom and it has added some video recording capabilities to it too. But then it shouldn’t be surprising when I say that the picture quality wasn’t that great. Infact, I don’t I should even be talking much about it because this is just a secondary phone to be used in emergencies to make or receive calls.

The call quality is pretty much satisfactory. On my end though the voice was a bit tinny at times, it worked pretty fine on other occasions. There was some disturbance at times. On the callers end they were pretty much satisfied with the quality of the sound. They hardly had any complaints about the voice quality. Using the speakerphone is a bit of a problem though. I would suggest using the headset or the headphones directly instead of the speakerphone. The quality of the sound from the speakerphones was pretty much average and I wouldn’t recommend using it. There was some background sound and at times an echo effect could be noticed as well. On a more positive note I almost had no problems pairing it with the bluetoooth headset.

The battery life is pretty much noteworthy at a talk time of 3 hours and with upto 17 days of standby time.

Nitty-Gritty: Don’t expect much from this phone apart from some call making facilities. Could just be used to make calls. Plus though the makers have put in a few extra features, it makes no sense to me. For example whats with providing WAP services with a 1-inch display. I don’t really understand why add the extra features when you just cant use it. If the whole point is to make the feature set attractive then I guess Nokia surely loses out with this one. But again before I end… go ahead and grab the phone if your tired of the humungous bills and want a phone just to make calls and plus it is offered at a highly reasonable price.

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