Nokia X2 – A talk about its camera and music player

Nokia X2 is an entry level messaging phone have a full QWERTY keyboard and I am hesitating it to recommend this gadget to business professionals because it doesn’t have any high end features. The phone has a basic camera and it can take photos in two different resolutions of 320×240 pixels and 640×480 pixels. This is minimal for a VGA shooter and you won’t find tons of editing options. You still get self-timer, 4x digital zoom, 2 options for white balance and 3 color effects. The quality of photo is pretty decent and you can take some quick shots with it.

Nokia X2 camera can also record video and I was glad to see this since it is not expected in such entry level phones. There are two different options for the resolutions – 176×144 pixels and 320×240 pixels. The editing options are the same as that for the camera. The multimedia message clips are capped at six seconds but you can shoot for a longer time in the standard mode. For storing all this data, there is 46 MB internal memory and the external card slot supports up to 8GB cards.

Nokia X2 also comes with a music player and I was surprised to see this. Such goodies are great additions on a basic phone. Interface of the music player is more than just basic but it would be crazy to expect great performance from the speaker. You can organize your music in to playlists and there are repeat and shuffle modes. There is also equalizer, flight mode and stereo widening. If you are bored with the music on the memory, there is FM radio but for this, you will have to plug in the bundled headphones as it contains the antenna.

Nokia X2 has HTML browser but it is nothing exciting because the phone doesn’t have 3G. There is just EDGE so the speeds will be very slow. Nokia should have done better here, if they put in a browser, there should have been hardware inside to support it too. This phone is good for messaging but isn’t good for browsing. The resolution of the screen too is a bit low at 320×240 pixels. You will have to scroll a lot for viewing the Web pages.

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