Finding Motivation When None Exists

Through life we all experience motivation, motivators, inspirations and a general push in a direction to do more, see more, feel more. But every now and then (some times much more) we will experience a sever lack of motivation to move in any direction other then to the couch or the fridge. I like to call this an ” I don’t give a fuck about anything day”. I am not gonna lie, I have plenty of these days. Days where there really seems to be no purpose, no end goal. These days rely 100% on me… or you… to get anything at all done!

So what do you do when motivation is at a level beginner, goals seem unimportant and TV sounds amazing right about now? Well… you can do one of two things.

1. Give in, allow yourself to do nothing, accomplish nothing and veg out all day (this is a perfectly acceptable choice and some times it is the best choice)You will always need a break at some point or another, it is only when this becomes the go to answer that one finds them selves in trouble.


2. Allow the lack of motivation to frustrate you to a point at which it becomes the motivator itself… Confused? See nothing is always something. It just depends on how you view it. No motivation can bring up many emotions, each emotion can become a motivator in itself. This really means that No motivation is actually the most powerful motivation one can ask for. Why? because it comes from the most pure place… you… and only you. Cultivating your own motivation for what you want, just for yourself, right in this moment can believe it or not turn into pivotal and life altering moments. How? By acting from a pure place of, for all intensive purposes, authentic emotional motivation, you understand what you want, just for you, right in the moment. It doesn’t get more powerful in my opinion.

So its really up to you, what is the best option for you now? Who cares if you don’t know what you want or where you want to go. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with where you are now and what you are doing in this moment. This will always be the first step! Then let the nothings of life motivate you.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted in life!

Nokia X2 – A talk about its camera and music player

Nokia X2 is an entry level messaging phone have a full QWERTY keyboard and I am hesitating it to recommend this gadget to business professionals because it doesn’t have any high end features. The phone has a basic camera and it can take photos in two different resolutions of 320×240 pixels and 640×480 pixels. This is minimal for a VGA shooter and you won’t find tons of editing options. You still get self-timer, 4x digital zoom, 2 options for white balance and 3 color effects. The quality of photo is pretty decent and you can take some quick shots with it.

Nokia X2 camera can also record video and I was glad to see this since it is not expected in such entry level phones. There are two different options for the resolutions – 176×144 pixels and 320×240 pixels. The editing options are the same as that for the camera. The multimedia message clips are capped at six seconds but you can shoot for a longer time in the standard mode. For storing all this data, there is 46 MB internal memory and the external card slot supports up to 8GB cards.

Nokia X2 also comes with a music player and I was surprised to see this. Such goodies are great additions on a basic phone. Interface of the music player is more than just basic but it would be crazy to expect great performance from the speaker. You can organize your music in to playlists and there are repeat and shuffle modes. There is also equalizer, flight mode and stereo widening. If you are bored with the music on the memory, there is FM radio but for this, you will have to plug in the bundled headphones as it contains the antenna.

Nokia X2 has HTML browser but it is nothing exciting because the phone doesn’t have 3G. There is just EDGE so the speeds will be very slow. Nokia should have done better here, if they put in a browser, there should have been hardware inside to support it too. This phone is good for messaging but isn’t good for browsing. The resolution of the screen too is a bit low at 320×240 pixels. You will have to scroll a lot for viewing the Web pages.

Nokia 2680 – GoPhone : Back To Basics

Thumbs up: Good call quality, price, works well at the basics level.

Thumbs down: Unnecessary cluttering of features which can’t be used in most of the cases, delay in responsiveness at times.

Inside the trunk: Form Factor : Slide Mobile Network Bands : Dual Band GSM.

THE WHIZ-KID SPEAKS: This one is specially introduced for all those who just cant understand how their phonebill adds up to so much. AT & T has come up with its prepaid option introducing a few Nokia handsets including the Nokia 2680. Basically if your looking ahead for a phone with basic set of features just to make a few calls and probably send text messages. Anyways going ahead with the review…

Razzle-Dazzle: This one from the Korean manufacturers is a rather clunky one. A basic slider phone measuring about 3.89 inches tall by 1.89 inches wide by 0.61 inch deep and weighs 3.3 ounces, this one doesn’t have anything really fancy about it, but that doesn’t mean that this one is down right ugly. Anyways its kind of attractive not exactly eye catching with its grayish black finish with a metallic finish and rounded edges. The slider mechanism is also pretty much smooth which could add to its not so long list of attractive features.

Talking about the 1-inch TFT display that it comes along with I just wish it could ve been a bit more longer. The resolution is also quite less at 128×16 pixels which makes looking at images and graphics a not so enticing feature. But then again I ain’t surprised here because this one was just meant to be a basic phone for receiving calls plus the screen isn’t large enough for typing messages which just make the “only for calls” message more clearer. The navigation array has two soft keys along with the talk and end buttons and a four button toggle. The navigation array is pretty much roomy but then again I found the keys to be a bit rigid. Also at times there was a delay in registering the commands.

I surely miss the clear key in the navigation array. The alphanumeric keys are behind the slider and as I mentioned earlier, the slider is pretty much smooth and offers no resistance to push. I would deny the fact that the keypad buttons are a bit narrow, but that again didn’t result in many misspresses and so I don’t have much to complain about it.

The power connector and the USB port and a 2.5 mm head jack have been positioned on the right spine and the camera and self portrait are situated at the back.

Inside dope: It has space for almost 1000 phonebook entries with around 5 entries for each phonebook entry including job title,email address, birthday etc.

This one offers mobile emails, and instant messaging such as Yahoo, Hotmail etc. but then again because of its small screen using the email facility doesn’t provide you with much of a pleasant experience. It also includes a few useful organization features like the calendar, to-do-list, calculator, alarm clock etc… in spite of the small screen this one again comes with a WAP browser. I guess this was done to just make it look more than a simple phone. But trust me, this one is just a basic phone.

Coming to the multimedia features, this one offers a VGA camera along with 4 x zoom and it has added some video recording capabilities to it too. But then it shouldn’t be surprising when I say that the picture quality wasn’t that great. Infact, I don’t I should even be talking much about it because this is just a secondary phone to be used in emergencies to make or receive calls.

The call quality is pretty much satisfactory. On my end though the voice was a bit tinny at times, it worked pretty fine on other occasions. There was some disturbance at times. On the callers end they were pretty much satisfied with the quality of the sound. They hardly had any complaints about the voice quality. Using the speakerphone is a bit of a problem though. I would suggest using the headset or the headphones directly instead of the speakerphone. The quality of the sound from the speakerphones was pretty much average and I wouldn’t recommend using it. There was some background sound and at times an echo effect could be noticed as well. On a more positive note I almost had no problems pairing it with the bluetoooth headset.

The battery life is pretty much noteworthy at a talk time of 3 hours and with upto 17 days of standby time.

Nitty-Gritty: Don’t expect much from this phone apart from some call making facilities. Could just be used to make calls. Plus though the makers have put in a few extra features, it makes no sense to me. For example whats with providing WAP services with a 1-inch display. I don’t really understand why add the extra features when you just cant use it. If the whole point is to make the feature set attractive then I guess Nokia surely loses out with this one. But again before I end… go ahead and grab the phone if your tired of the humungous bills and want a phone just to make calls and plus it is offered at a highly reasonable price.

NEC MultiSync PA271W – A high end monitor

NEC MultiSync PA271W is not your standard monitor for everyday use. It is made for professionals and the high price tag should make it clear. This screen is targeted at graphic designers or alike who yearn for great accuracy in color and need plethora of features. I was overwhelmed by the weight. This behemoth of a monitor weighs about 30 pounds which is seven pounds more than the Dell U2711 which belongs to a similar price range.

The extra weight makes the NEC MultiSync PA271W really sturdy. I knocked it from the sides to see if it could withstand the jerks and wasn’t surprised to see that the monitor refused to budge at all. Regular home use monitors easily topple over with even a slight push since they are quite light weight. The wide flip stand also contributes to keeping the monitor really sturdy.

The monitor is not that slick looking either, its thickness makes it a bit ugly but that is still acceptable considering all the features that it has inside. NEC MultiSync PA271W comes with all possible ergonomic options. You can swivel it on the sides, pivot it up to 90 degrees, adjust the height and finally tilt the monitor ahead or backwards. Again all these options are given to justify the high price tag and because this product is made for professionals who might need to play around with the monitor to find a sweet spot.

NEC MultiSync PA271W comes with a carrying case, if you need to shift this monitor to another place. I would heavily recommend you not to carry this product around a lot because you might end up with sore fingers courtesy of the weight.

The most impressive feature of the NEC MultiSync PA271W is the OSD array which is the deepest I have ever seen in a monitor. Again, this is done to provide lot of calibration options to professionals to find a sweet spot. For instance, the monitor has all the standard options like brightness, black level and sharpness, this panel also has bonuses like candelas per square meter read out which estimates the current brightness output. This is really advanced and I haven’t seen this in any other monitor. I wasn’t even familiar with this option and the company representatives explained me what it was all about.

NEC MultiSync PA271W also has advanced menu that gives plenty of granular control for the picture settings. Connection options on this panel include two DVI ports, a DisplayPort, S-Video port, two USB upstream and two downstream ports. Yes, I know what you are thinking about. There is indeed no HDMI port and you some of you, this might be a unforgivable thing in such a high end monitor. I too was quite disappointed and this will be certainly a deal breaker for people who cannot compromise in quality. The resolution on this monitor is 2560×1440 pixel resolution. I watched some Blu-ray movies and had nothing to complain about with regards to quality. The colors too had that pop that movie bluffs can’t live without.

Midsize Professional Services Firms Turning To Interface Software’s InterAction

OAK BROOK (IL), 12 November, 2001: Midsize professional services firms increasingly are turning to client relationship management (CRM) applications in this soft economy says Interface Software, developer of the popular InterAction Relationship Intelligence solution. Phoenix Equity Partners, a London-based based private equity firm is the most recent midsize firm to select InterAction.

Interface Software’s Vice President of Vertical Markets, Rick Klau, sees a growing trend in the number of middle tier firms that are viewing CRM software as a strategic necessity in a soft market. “It’s a fundamental business principle that market share must be defended vigorously in a stagnant or declining economy. For midsize professional services firms, that means greater attention must be paid to ensure that client relationships are being adequately cultivated and maintained. It also means they must be more effective in winning proposals for new business. We have played an important role in helping them achieve those goals.”

Steve Darrington, Chief Operating Officer at Phoenix Equity Partners, agrees. “Private Equity is a business driven by relationships, and this has never been truer than in the current economic climate. Phoenix Equity Partners uses the Relationship Intelligence in InterAction to ensure that its ongoing, business critical relationships remain positive, active and accessible to all the members of our investment team.”

In a marketplace characterised by fewer new clients seeking professional services, CRM software is also playing a critical role in helping midsize firms compete more effectively. David Hansel, Head of IP and Digital Technology at the 73-person, London-based law firm of Memery Crystal explains: “All other things being equal, leveraging personal relationships can often make the difference between winning a new client and losing. InterAction helps us track, manage and identify people with whom we have strategic relationships. If a firm contact exists that can help us win a new client, the system will reveal who that is, which provides us with a great competitive advantage.”

Hansel adds that because of the direct impact CRM software can have on the bottom line, it is precisely the type of investment midsize firms should be making in this economic climate. “Our firm doesn’t have an unlimited technology budget. So we needed to invest in systems that would provide a demonstrable return on investment. Based on its impact on client satisfaction levels and our ability to pitch new business, InterAction has more than paid for itself.”

About Interface Software Interface Software is a leading provider of client relationship management software and services for the professional services industry. Its flagship product, InterAction�, enables firms to transform internal information about people, companies, relationships, experience and expertise into Relationship Intelligence. Relationship Intelligence is internal competitive content that offers a complete, 360-degree view of client and contact relationships. Firms use Relationship Intelligence to enhance client service, source new revenue opportunities and differentiate their services from the competition. InterAction is internet-enabled, allowing professionals to view information however they choose-through knowledge management platforms, corporate portals, intranets, extranets and wireless devices. For more information contact Interface Software, Inc. at 1420 Kensington Road, Suite 320, Oak Brook, IL 60523, Telephone: 630-572-1400. In Europe and Australia, contact Dan Von Weihe, National Sales Manager, at 38 New Oxford Street, Suite 204 London, WC1A 1EP, United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0)78 7057 1234, Email:

Making Money Online by Promoting Affiliate Program Products

The Internet has opened the floodgates for making money sitting before a computer with affiliate program products. Even a decade before, if someone mooted the idea of sitting at home and making money simply by owning a couple of websites, chances are that those who heard them will have laughed in disbelief. That, the days of making money on the Internet has come is now true. But, don’t get carried away by those who promise you the sky and millions of dollars in earnings.

Making money online is just like any other business; however, the advantage here is you don’t have to toil for making money. Does everyone who takes to online business make enough money? The answer is ‘NO’. The fact is, like any another business, not everyone succeeds. The reason why some make money and others don’t is not difficult to see. The plain fact is that, most of them think about making millions legally and overnight. That surely is impossible, unless something miraculous happens. So the first rule is your expectations must be realistic, and second begin work in earnest without wasting time. Before that, educate yourself. There is enough material already on the Internet for doing that.

(Photo credit:

There are endless techniques to make money online. Some are capital intensive and require that you put in enough money before you start reaping the benefits. If you are short of money, it does not mean you have to give up your dreams of making it big in the world of Internet. One of the best known methods that some successful online users used, at least during the formative years, is to choose promoting affiliate products. They have some inherent advantages – you don’t have to stock goods, don’t have to deliver or book orders, and finally you don’t even have to think about streamlining your payment system. Finally, there isn’t even the need to reside in the place of your principal either.

Before you venture out, remember, you need a few things done before you become an affiliate. A good website is one of them. The second important thing to do is, find products for the affiliate business. The third is, find the right affiliate program owner. There are so many of them and your chances of getting conned by some of them are very real. So you should select the right affiliate and see if they have been consistent in their business. Good affiliates often give smaller payouts and at least during your initial days you shouldn’t mind it. Honest men cannot be too liberal with money, don’t forget.

When you become an affiliate, remember you are actually promoting someone else’s products and your role is simply that of a salesman. Just as you cannot sell something about which you know little in an in-store, so can’t you online. So you must choose something that you know well about, or if there isn’t anything you know, try acquiring the knowledge in depth. The knowledge you acquire will stand you in good stead when you actually start with selling online.

The need for a good website needs no emphasis, because that is where you will be interacting with your customers. Do not get carried away thinking that a site with a great design and tons of features will work to your benefit. What you actually need is a website that will give information and value to your customers. Let your website not straight away begin with a high pitch selling note. Instead, populate your site with precise information packed in them.

Give your readers the stuff that they want first; and that remember is product information. Let there be enough videos on how-to and slowly wean them into buying products and services from you. Remember these little points, and you will soon be making what you have always aimed for – Money.


The Right Way To Setup And Activate The Roku Categorical?

It will eliminate your Netflix profile’s total historical past, together with your My Listing saves, your Not too long ago Watched record, and your Scores. If you wish to eliminate everything you may have watched up to now and reset your Netflix again to its default settings, it’s essential to delete your profile. Handle Profiles, click on the profile you wish to reset, and click on Delete Profile to verify it. You’ll be able to then create a brand new profile and begin from scratch. In the event you prefer it, then you definitely proceed with the pricing plan you signed up for and get to look at films at your leisure. The participant’s navigation system, like Sony’s different gamers, is the XrossMediaBar menu system.

Website :

This may then open a listing of apps you could share that Hyperlink on, like WhatsApp or Twitter. Even in the event that they aren’t in the identical Netflix area as you, if that content material is out there to them, then the Hyperlink will work. Even when the content material isn’t accessible, there are methods to look at everything on Netflix regardless of the place you reside How to observe Every little thing on free netflix trial in Any Nation Internationally Altering your Netflix area to observe Netflix internationally or when you are in one other nation is feasible.

No point out of particular content material was made. However, Verizon mentioned it is going to use its “trade-huge relationships with leisure content material suppliers” to make sure a very good number of films online. Subscribers are from various ethnic backgrounds – knowledge reveals that extra Hispanic and African Individuals use the service than their White counterparts. Lots of digital credit score playing cards work on Netflix, so you possibly can simply make a number of playing cards and use them each Month. Be sure that that you’ve chosen the best Television to enter in your system. Your decorations usually are not imagined to be fancy; it’s supposed to make your bond with your loved ones and mates. Secondly, we will usually discover the dwell streaming of a number of occasions and video games on Netflix which individuals.



Attraction of public in Tablets

A tablet is a very important topic in the society and many people are interested in this gadget. Some people are in the society with a high status and with this status they are doing some special tasks for their own progress. There are different people in the society which are also very important for the social matters and through these people we can see the social status in the society and this status can give the main requirements to the society. This provision is also very important and able to get high ranks in the society. A tablet is also very important gadget in our lives and those people, who are interested in it, are also more interested in this section of the technology. There are different types of insurance in the field and these are used for the facilitated life of general public.

Achievement of latest tablets

There are different packages in this field for the public. The general public is also very caring in this regard because this is very important for future matters. Tablets are the most desired wish of those people that are very caring about the matters of the life and they like to get some protection by using all features of these devices which are prepared for the prosperity of the public and also according to the interest of the people. A tablet is also an important branch in this section and many people are especially interested in this section because there are many fears for the life as medical point of view. Many people are using the tablets programs for their easiness in life and this thing is very poplar among different counters because there are very interesting features in it for those people who like to get tablets.

Utilization of Tablets

Many people are using different programs of tablets for the protection and safety in the life. There are different branches in this field and these branches are related to all aspects of the life. Many people are paying attention in this matter and they are very skilled in this matter to find a correct and helping offer for the family and friends. Many people are doing this work with the help of some friends and some are directly involved in this field and they are getting all benefits for the life. It is very supporting factor for the life because it is related to all fields of the life and especially it is connected to the tablets which are very useful devices for the society.

What Will It Take to Move Market Research Forward?

There have been many calls of late for Marketing Research to become more progressive (for example, see the recent blog post from Jeffrey Henning taking off on Coca-Cola’s Stan Sthanunathan’s view that “the industry must change”). Technology adoption and creating meaningful analysis of social media were hot topics at The Market Research Event (TMRE) held last month, and both the client and supplier sides are experimenting with new trends.

But while it’s true that the industry needs to move quickly to adopt technologies, blend methodologies, and broaden the reach of research, there is precious little information on how to make these changes. As a supplier, we at MarketTools have seen that there are a couple of key ingredients in the partnership with clients that make innovative projects worthwhile:

1) Don’t be afraid to fail. In one early mobile research experiment, a client was looking for a way to prove the ROI of an event sponsorship. At the event, a mobile survey was promoted to attendees requesting them to access it via the much-vaunted QR (quick response) code; we also offered a customized short URL. While the overall project yielded valuable data that could not have been collected without a mobile survey, the tactic of using the QR code to launch the survey was an abysmal failure. We learned that it’s still very early in the evolution of code reader technology, and almost none of the event attendees had a reader of any kind. Without the customized short URL to access the survey, we would have had only limited means to collect data. The flexibility and willingness of the client to experiment with multiple modes of engagement turned a false start into a useful project.

2) Cast a wide net for executive sponsorship. When confronted with a large research project, we see many clients getting other departments involved in the project, to spread the resource requirements. You and your team may need additional backing if you are trying something new, like gamification or visually enhanced respondent engagement surveys. One client from the research department of a major CPG company was interested in the technical aspects of the visually-driven shopper research experiences we demonstrated. Because the research department didn’t have a current project that could make use of the technology, we were asked to demonstrate it to the brand team, as a way to answer a question about refrigerated goods promotion – getting the brand executives to back the project instead. It was an entirely new project type for our research client, and the final study produced evidence the brand team needed to move forward with the promotion. And our research client gained experience working with new technologies that will benefit future studies.

3) Understand the statistical requirements. When the analytics for a project require large sample sizes, multiple choice matrixed questions, or have other complex parameters, then these projects are not good candidates for experimental methods. There are plenty of cases where clients say, “We want innovative methods, but they need to be validated.” In these instances, it may not be appropriate to use newer techniques, like mobile and text analytics, that are not set up to have precise parity with pre-existing forms of research. We find that deeper conversations with our clients to delve into the many different ways that the research results will be used provide guidance on how much experimentation the project can withstand. For every project whose results must be input into a pre-existing model, there’s a study that’s looking for new input, deeper detail, or variations on a theme to drive a decision or a shift in direction. These are the ideal projects for experimentation – where the quality and depth of the results are important, yet the business outcomes are not dependent on compliance with entrenched models.

Both suppliers and clients have a role to play in moving the market research industry into its next phase, and this is an unparalleled chance to partner together to discover meaningful directions. I am looking forward to showcasing more examples in the near future.

Availability of jailbreak 3.0

Jailbreak 3.0 is a very famous product in the market and it is also available for the usage of every person. Many people are interested in this product because there are many interesting features in this product which are designed for the public. The relation of the public with the businesses is a must and a business can grow in the society with the help of these people which are in the society and they try to complete their needs with a visit of market. This visit gives strength to the business and this is related to all kind of business which is related to the matters of public. Jailbreak 3.0 contests are presented in the market with new sources and consumers can easily find their desired item and then use it without any difficulty.

Acquiring of jailbreak 3.0

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Attainment of jailbreak 3.0 solutions

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