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What is the difference between a Blog and a Website?

Many people us the term interchangeably but there actually is a difference. Blog is short for Web Log, which was intended to be a log of a persons thoughts or observations. Usually Blogs are someones opinion or thoughts on a topic. They are usually set up with a free product called Word Press. A website is an organized collection of webpages. In short, if it is not a blog it is likely a website.

What is a domain?

A domain or a domain name, is the name of the website. A domain looks like The extension could be something other than .com such as .net or .edu or .info etc. The computers identify it by a numeric address, but the name works better for humans.

What is website hosting?

A domain must be hosted or must live someplace. The place it lives at is the host or website host but more commonly referred to as being hosted at or website hosting. A website hosting company will rent you a place to host your website. This may include other services.

What is an IP address?

IP stands for internet protocol. It is a numeric address with dots in it. It tells a web browser where to find your website. This IP is usually shared, meaning that you may share the same website IP address as many other websites. If you do not wish to share it, you may ask for a dedicated IP, which costs more money, but can be arranged by your website hosting provider. That said most website are on shared website hosting.

What is a Web Browser?

Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Crome are examples of website browsers. There are many others but those are the three most common. A web browser lets you surf the internet to search for information on various topics.

What is a shopping cart?

A shopping cart in website language is similar to a metal shopping cart (or buggy) in a supermarket. It lets you place items you have selected in it, until you go to the checkout where you pay for them.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a company which provides a way for you to pay for goods or services on the internet. It is a middle man. It can also Visa and MasterCard as a means to pay. PayPal can be used as a way to send money to a person or company. PayPal is commonly used on many websites.

What is a website builder?

Usually this terms refers to a program which lets you select a template then populates your information in select fields on this template.

What is a website template?

A website template is a background and structure in which you place your website information. Some are freely available, with restrictions, other cost money.

What is a custom website?

This refers to a website made for you.

What is custom website design?

This refers to a website made for you.

Can I make money online?

Yes you can make money online. However, many people do not make nearly the amount of money online that they had hoped to. Just like in any off line business you must have something that people want, and they must be able to find it. To be found your website must be ranked high by the search engines. To be ranked high it need lost for fresh original content and lost of backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other sites pointing back to your website. These can be created in various ways.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means the art of making your website look nice to search engines, in hopes they will rank your site high. (Search engines do not see websites the same way that people do.)

What is Panda?

Panda is the nickname for a set of changes made to the Google search engine ranking results, the key change being the removal of duplicate content, so that website with copied content would be removed from the results. It was initially called the farmer update, as it targeted content farms.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for virtual private server. It is your own server, but it my not be a physical server, but rather a portion of another server or mainframe computer which thinks it is its own server.

What is a dedicated private server?

This is a server dedicated to the person or company renting it. The resources of that server are not shared with other users.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a program offered by Google, which allows you to make money by allowing Google to place ads on your website or blog. It is free to join. It pays you a commission on any advertising. If you are thinking of creating a word press blog there are AdSense plug-ins which can be easily installed. On websites it is easy to add AdSense. Please be sure to not place more AdSense ads on a page that the terms of use permit. If you need help getting AdSense and getting it set up, we can help for a reasonable fee.

What is AdWords?

AdWords is a program offered by Google, to let you place ads on Google search results and on other peoples websites and blogs.

Auto blog

An auto blog is a word press plug-in which copy content from elsewhere for posting to your blog for you. There are many types of such plugins available. We can set one up for you if you wish, for a reasonable fee, plus you will have to buy the software license for the plug in. Please note that due to the Google Panda updates, auto blogs may no longer be as profitable as they once were. Please also note that we will not install any auto blogs which violate any copyright laws. Most of these do, but we know of at least one which does not. It may also viloate AdSense Terms of Service, so please read that first!

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