The integration of Digital Marketing tools to achieve web success

As we talked about in a previous article, nowadays the world wide web has infinite potentials but also has enormous competition. Companies are transforming their actions from traditional marketing to digital marketing. So you have to be really creative and find better ways to promote your company.

The answer is integrated digital marketing actions. Many companies and managers are calculating digital marketing only with ROI. In my opinion that is fully wrong. With ROI everyone can calculate what revenues came to the company but with integrated digital actions, maybe the revenues are not visible at first sight but will slowly come at you. I understand that the risk of losing money is higher but trust me, if the integrated campaign is creative and strategically planned then the rewards will be enormous.


As we discussed in previous articles, digital marketing is not about individual actions are all about INTEGRATION. Individual actions will bring focused revenues but integration brings loyal customers. See your actions as a puzzle that you have to solve in order to bring more traffic and sales to your company.


Your website MUST be designed to be accessed from different digital touch points (PC, Moblie, Ipads e.t.c). Users must interact with the website (comment, discussed, play games e.t.c.). A very important aspect of these actions is that every action must be aligned with company’s culture.

Content Marketing

We are moving to an era where content is not the king anymore customer is. But content has not lost its glamour. Content is the queen and must be treated as one. Many companies are delivering content that is focused on sales. NO. That’s also wrong. Your content must be engaging, sharable, and likeable. If you deliver content that is valuable only when a customer wants to buy something, then your content is doomed. Ok, maybe this kind of content will deliver some sales, but will not make any buzz. I have seen social media pages with thousands of followers and at their posts only a dozen of likes. WRONG.

Social media

Social media are NOT just another touch point in order to drive sales. Social media are communities that drive sales from their loyalty. I am not saying that you don’t have to promote your products but if you do, do it with an engaging and creative way.

You have to control your community and make them interact with your company. Build games, ask questions, and drive discussions. The bottom line, make a fun community, don’t treat them like customers treat them as your community members.


Ok you set up your company’s digital touch points. Search for their capacities and deliver engagement to your customers. As Fiona Severson says :” Rather than just creating a brand presence, you want to be a presence”

Now I would like to share a digital marketing strategy that got me really excited.

A really cool mini case study for online engagement is Lacta’s (a greek chocolate brand) new featured movie “Love in the end” promotion. They produced a short film in order to promote the featured film. It was the preview of the story of the movie. One young man and one young girl are meeting in a Greek city. They talk, they exchange phone numbers and they leave. But the girl loses the boy’s phone number.

So she made a short video that she uploaded on youtube, searching the boy’s phone number, and asked for users help. Users had to search on the web to find the phone number.

They build 3 websites that provided information to the users about the boy. Really cool websites with pictures, bios e.t.c. The user that would find first the phone number would win some tickets for the featured film.

GREAT integration GREAT engagement tactic!!!!!!!!!!!

So this kind of actions will not bring ROI directly but if someone played the game the chances to go and see the movie would be much higher. And as Lacta’s agency says “When you do all these actions, customer’s love for the brand…comes at the end.”

So to sum up in my opinion there are three magic words that make a great digital marketing strategy:

Integrate- Experience- Engage!!!!

Filaretos Tsetis (4 Posts)Filaretos Tsetis, received his BSc in Social Sciences from University of Aegean and his M.B.A from the same University, he also holds an Internet & Social Media Marketing diploma. He is involved in Digital Marketing since 2011. He was the Web and Digital marketing executive of the largest private company of energy supply products and services in Greece and he has also worked as an internet consultant. Now he is working as a freelancer, managing digital projects.

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