The Perfect Digital Marketing Combination

All websites have existing traffic, most use some form of digital marketing to drive traffic and few use analytics to understand cause and effect.

Complete digital integration works best in digital marketing not tactical isolation. Below are three key ingredients that make the killer digital marketing combination.

Website Optimisation

The fact is most websites are terrible, big or small they are hard to understand difficult to navigate and even harder to purchase products from. They leave the visitor to the site feeling frustrated and pi*! Off.

Every website has existing visitors or traffic, why not make it easier for these people to complete the very reason for being on your site in the first place?

Most visitors to your site will land on the homepage. You have about 3 seconds or less to convince these visitors they are in the right place.

Rolling banners suck and do nothing for conversion, having a static banner with a clear and compelling message will work wonders.

Website optimisation
should be the starting point
for every website.

Don’t try and push all your products, services and information in one go, the result is a sensory overload and will have people leaving the site in their droves.

Straight away make your site easy to understand, easy to navigate with simple language your customers use. Offer a clear and compelling reason for them to stick around.

Bounce rate is the amount of people that visit one page on your website and then leave. You can reduce bounce rate by as much as 75% by reducing the sensory overload and by if creating one simple and compelling reason for them to stay, typically your unique selling point or (USP).

Website conversion rate on most sites is between 1 and 2 percent, so that means for every 400 visits to your site you might get 8 conversions or sales. If you increase the conversion rate by just 0.5% you would have an extra two customers.

Driving Traffic

Once you are converting your existing traffic at a higher rate you are now free to drive boat loads of traffic into the site.

Google AdWords (PPC)

This is a favourite of mine and one of the online channels that drives the most sales. AdWords when set-up correctly can be incredibly powerful in driving boat loads of sales at a reasonable cost.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the bedrock on which your site should be built. The secret here is to identify the keywords you would like and have the potential to rank for and optimise your site for that. You then need to get as many high quality links as you can. Next create content of a high enough quality that someone would want to link to. Links are a major determining factor for Google when ranking one site over the other.

Social Media

Social Media is great for amplifying the reach of your content and influencing people. First it is important to be connected to the right people, ideally your ideal customers who will value your content. Social Media does little for direct response (sales) it is a slow burner that will influence you ideal customer over time.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most cost effective and effective forms of digital marketing available toady. Your email list will be made up of people who have shown an interest in your business or people who have already purchased from you. This is invaluable for driving sales and keeping your business top of mind.

Display Advertising

Two options when running display, if your goal is branding buy on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) if you goal is direct response run your campaign on a cost per click (CPC) basis. Display advertising through the Google display network can be incredibly cost effective when set up correctly and targeting people who are in market to buy your product or service. You can get great exposure on some of Irelands most frequented sites like and


Remarketing is awesome and very cost effective, it allows you to advertise to people who have been on your site and left with a display banner enticing them to come back to your site and convert.


YouTube can be used from branding or remarketing purposes using video content and the best part is if somebody only watches 27 seconds of a 30 second video the view is completely free, Sweet!

Analyse Results

Analytics is a critical component of the killer digital marketing combination.

Analytics will allow you to see everything
that happens on your website and help
you to make informed decisions on what
works and what doesn’t.

In terms of website optimisation it will help you identify the top five things visitors do on your site. It will allow you determine you’re best selling products or most visited pages or favourite content. It will also allow you to see potential problems on the site like where people might be getting stuck or leaving the site. It will help you see the results from any changes you might be making with bounce rates or time on site.

Analytics will allow you determine which digital tactics are driving the most conversions/sales and at what cost. You can investigate landing page performance and make changes where necessary.

Analytics ties all three components of the killer digital marketing combination together, website conversion, driving traffic and analysis of results.

Complete digital integration works best in digital marketing not tactical isolation.

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