The Real Truth About Making Money Online

I have to get something off my chest and here it is.

There are two ways to make money online, sell and promote your own product or sell and promote an affiliate product.
If you just want to try and make some easy money online, then use an affiliate product. You must first believe what all the “get rich” marketing gurus advertise for making money online. “IF YOU BUILD IT, YOU WILL GET RICH”.

Once you believe that, then you must find a product that has high demand and a high commission. You then build or buy what is called a “mini – website”. Once you have your website you then go to Google, MSN, Yahoo or one of the other ad programs and setup an account. Write your ads and then pull out your credit card and buy your way to wealth, or to the poor house.

It is estimated by, who knows who, that 90% of all online businesses fail. I wonder what percent of that 90% fail because they truly believe that making money online is that simple.

I guess that some new online business owners do get rich, using the get rich quick method, but for the majority of new online business it just does not happen.

If you want to get rich quick, then I suggest you try the national lotteries. You will spend less time and money and have about as much a chance of success as you will with making money online quickly.

The point I am trying to get across here is, if you believe you are one of the few, go for it. However, if you don’t believe so, then understand that making money online takes time and effort. You are not going to be able to quit your day job anytime soon and you are not going to buy your dream house this month or even maybe this year.

There are millions of people who make money with their online business, but they build their business from the bottom. They build a good foundation with truth and trust; provide valuable information and quality products. It takes time and effort to accomplish these principles.

Start your online business as a hobby and work toward the day it can really become a full time business.  The more time and effort you can put into building and growing your business the quicker your dreams can come true. Build your business the right way and you can, one day, make money online.

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